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Barrington | by Rochester Concrete®

6cm slab/large format paver

Sure to please designers, contractors and property owners alike, Barrington's appeal comes from its outstanding color, smooth surface, subtle edge detail and extremely large format. Barrington's impressive look comes from it's 16" x 24" unit and that means it looks great and install faster than any other paver system.

• Three-piece, one pallet system
• Smooth surface detail
• Suitable for paths, patios, pool decks
• Auto spacers, 1/8" joint
• Accent with Serano

Paver Sizes

Small - 8" x 16" x 2.375"h; 24.5 lbs each
Medium - 16" x 16" x 2.375"h; 49 lbs each
Large - 16" x 24" x 2.375"h; 73.5 lbs each

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