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Cobblestone Pavers | by Rochester Concrete®

A New 8cm Permeable Paver System.

The new cobble stone is a permeable system with the enviable appearance of a
centuries worn paver. Cobble Stone™ paver has an open spacer joint design, making it ideal for use in stormwater runoff permeable paver applications.

• Four piece, one pallet system: easy ordering/installation
• Wide joint; for permeable or non-permeable applications
• Ideal companio to Navarro paver

Paver Sizes

Small - 7.125" x 5.875" x 3.125"h
Medium - 8.625" x 5.875" x 3.125"h
Large - 10.375" x 5.875" x 3.125"h
XLarge - 11.875" x 5.875" x 3.125"h

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