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Colonial Pavers | by Rochester Concrete®

Distinguished appeal. Well suited for large areas.

It's dimpled surface provides the distinguished appeal of worn cobble stones. Colonial's larger sizes, circle and fan kits make it well suited for expansive areas such as large driveways, patios and courtyards.

• Circle kits available for 6cm version
• Dimpled top, radius edge
• Auto spacers, 1/16" joint
• 8cm version suitable for vehicular applications

Paver Sizes

Half Square - 6.30" x 3.15" x 2.375"
3/4 Square - 6.30" x 4.65" x 2.375"
Square - 6.30" x 6.30" x 2.375"
Rectangle - 6.30" x 9.45" x 2.375"

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