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RipRap Armour Stone | Aggregates

Typically, riprap is used on shorelines of creeks, rivers and lakes to prevent erosion caused by the movement of water in those bodies; however, it can be used anywhere where erosion from water is or can be a problem. Using riprap on steeply graded hills can prevent erosion from heavy rain.

Halquist quarries clean, dense, well graded Lannon Riprap. Sizes from 5" to weighing over 6 tons. Our riprap is approved by the Army Corps of Engineers, Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Illinois DOT. Our riprap products are so well graded that they are often used in landscaping as well. Please call for more information how we can help protect your project!

5 to 10 inch
also known as dot light

24 to 36 inch

6 to 12 inch
also known as dot medium

custom sizes

9 to 18 inch
also known as dot heavy

in addition to our standard riprap
sizes, halquist is able to do custom
sizes to your specifications

18 to 24 inch
also known as dot extra heavy